Chin up, whole-health coverage is here

BlueCross BlueShield and BlueChoice are trusted names that have been synonymous with health care coverage for decades. Dental coverage, however, is not usually associated with us. That’s because dental care is usually offered separately through stand-alone plans – until now. As proponents of ‘whole-health’ coverage, we are now proud to offer Blue Dental coverage with our plan options.

Advantages and benefits

Having a single, whole-health provider means simplicity and affordability, including one enrollment process and form, one consolidated medical and dental bill, as well as one service representative. Members also have access to one of the industry’s largest national dental PPO networks, so employees can save money on the dental care they receive. And, this type of integration also makes it easy for employees by giving them a single, online source for both medical and dental claims, one customer number and one member ID card.

Why dental coverage?

Dental benefits are consistently mentioned as one of the most requested employee benefits, so a good plan can help attract and keep employees. Dental disease or pain is also a frequent reason for missed work — to the tune of 164 million work hours a year. Regular dental exams can help uncover larger health issues that can be treated before they become more costly and dangerous.