Groups 50+

Blue Dental offers flexible plan designs, including Select (PPO) plans with higher benefits for in-network services, and Open Access plans that let employees visit the dentists of their choice. No matter what plan you choose, preventive services are covered 100% with no deductible. Orthodontic benefits for dependents can be added, and voluntary arrangements are available when you also choose a BlueCross or BlueChoice health plan.

If you choose a PPO plan, your employees can save money by visiting a dentist in our network — which has grown significantly to include more than 1,900 dental access points in South Carolina and 260,000 nationwide through the Dental Grid+ network. When using these network dentists, 1) preventive and diagnostic services do not accumulate to the annual maximum, providing additional dollars for major and basic services and 2) there is no deductible.

Blue Dental keeps things simple for you by coordinating your group’s dental benefits with your health coverage. You’ll have just one enrollment form for both health and dental, and a single, consolidated monthly bill.

Blue Dental makes it easy on your employees, too. They can use one ID card — their BlueCross or BlueChoice health insurance ID card — for both health and dental care. Access to their benefits and claims information is done the same way they get info on their health benefits: securely online through My Health Toolkit. Best of all, the coordination of dental and health coverage offers a whole health approach to keeping your employees well.

Blue Dental provides what’s been missing from group health benefits: seamless administration and coordination between health and dental benefits.

Ask your broker about Blue Dental.