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Choosing A Dentist

It is important to find a dentist you are comfortable with and trust. There are several ways to find a dentist, including through a referral, friends, family our site.

You can also call or visit dentists before you make the decision to become a regular patient.

When choosing a dentist you should:

  • Look at the office – a neat and clean office is always a good sign
  • Ask the dentist about infection control procedures
  • Determine if the dentist’s office is easily accessible from your home or office
  • Make sure office hours are compatible with your schedule
  • Be sure that the dentist will clearly explain treatment options and fees before the work is done

Take the time to choose a dentist that is right for you. You should be seeing your dentist regularly, and it is important to have a good relationship.

October 5, 2016 | Posted in Dental Resources, Dental Tips