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3 Reasons To Choose Whole-Health Coverage With Blue Dental

Traditionally, health care coverage and dental care have been offered to employers and employees and separate plans. With the option to include Blue Dental coverage with your new or current BlueCross BlueShield and BlueChoice plans, however, now you can enjoy the simplicity and affordability of having one, whole-health provider for your entire company. So, why choose Blue Dental?

  1. A Trusted Provider
    Employees can stay with a health insurance network they know and trust. In fact, Blue Dental gives members access to one of the industry’s largest national dental PPO networks, so there’s no need for employees to worry about having to change dentists.
  1. Simplicity & Affordability
    For employers, this means consolidating everything. Administration processes are easier, there’s one enrollment form, one, combined medical and dental bill and a single service representative. For employees, it means a single, online source for both medical and dental coverage, one customer number, one member ID card and coordinated benefits.
  1. Whole-Health Coverage
    We call it taking a tooth-to-toe approach. That means, not only can individual members take advantage of the value of using in-network medical and dental benefits, they can save money and improve their health, which helps keep everyone happy, healthy and, of course, smiling.

September 23, 2016 | Posted in Dental Advice, Dental Resources, Dental Tips